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Customizable Educational Tours in Canada

Long before it was the massive centre it is today, Toronto, Huron for “meeting place,” was a renowned trading hub. Our educational tours of Canada take you to the country’s largest city, a meeting place of more than 100 diverse cultures that is also close to the world-famous Niagara Falls.

Situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto mirrors New York City, consisting of what was once five separate cities. Although the area was annexed into the City of Toronto in 1998, the areas are still referred to by their former names, and each maintains a unique flavor of its own.

Why Choose Son Tours for Your Canadian Student Tour?

Our team of experienced and licensed educational tour operators can help you plan a successful, safe student trip to Canada. We’ll assist you with your needs from start to finish! Our experts help you design an ideal itinerary that meets your group’s needs – and we’ll escort you to each location, making your entire trip worry-free! To find out more about what you get with Son Tours, click here.

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