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European Art Tours Offer Middle & High School Students a Chance to See International Works of Art Up Close

Contemporary artwork and ancient design come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience on our European art tours for students. Our immersive art history tours encourage students to engage with their curriculum by surrounding them with creations from some of the most renowned artists in the world. With so many exciting locations to choose from, your middle or high school travel group is guaranteed to enjoy their time traveling internationally to experience the wonders of the artistic world. Plus, our European tours for art students are completely customizable to class curriculum, focal areas, and specific interests.

France Art Tours for Students

Home to the Louvre, the world’s largest museum, and numerous other museums like the Musée d’Orsay, France is popular with art enthusiasts from all over the globe. During our European art tours for students, tour groups can view examples of work that vary from early Western art containing explorations of politics and religion to international art created within the last decade. Student tour groups also have the opportunity to visit world-famous sites, such as the Palace of Versailles. Carefully constructed and elaborately furnished, the palace is considered a work of art in and of itself. With its rich and artistic architecture and its exquisite museums, France is an excellent destination for international student art tours.

Art Tours for Students in Greece

Steeped in architectural beauty that dates back several centuries, Greek art tours for students offer an abundance of stunning structures for tour groups to admire. In Athens, students will find the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, standing atop the Acropolis along with the Propylaea, the Erechtheion, and the temple of Athena Nike. Greece is also home to famous historical locations such as Athens, Sparta, and Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

One of Greece’s most popular museums is The Acropolis Museum, which features ancient carvings, mosaics, and sculptures dedicated to Greco-Roman gods and goddesses. At The National Archeological Museum, students can view displays of ancient artifacts recovered from excavations performed throughout Greece. Sculptures, structures, mosaics, and other works of incredible art await students on an international art tour in Greece.

Art Tours for Students in Italy

Our European art tours for students offer each tour group the flexibility to choose from a wide range of locations where they can experience the artistic beauty that Italy has to offer. Italian cities such as Rome, Naples, Venice and more have been featured in a number of creative works, from paintings to films. In Vatican City, Michelangelo’s most famous painting lines the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel, welcoming around five million visitors each year.

Choose from a variety of sites along our art history tours, including Italy’s many museums. The prominent Uffizi Gallery contains collections that range from Greek and Roman statues to early 20th century drawings.

U.K. Art Tours for Students

Consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or the U.K., has placed its stamp on the art world in major ways. Examples of artistic achievement are located all over the UK, ranging from Celtic artifacts at the National Museum of Scotland to the gothic architecture of Westminster Abbey in London. The National Gallery, also located in London, has a collection of over 2,300 works that include creations by some the world’s most recognizable names. Northern Ireland’s Golden Thread Gallery offers visitors a variety of exhibits throughout the year that feature contemporary works from international artists. With so much artwork to explore, your students will find new ways to engage with your curriculum.

Why Trust Son Tours to Plan Your Educational and Fun European Art Tour?

When you introduce middle and high school students to a fully immersive experience by booking an art history tour in Europe with Son Tours, you get more than just trip planning. We take care of all of the details, including billing, accommodations, transportation, security, and more with budget-friendly, hassle-free trip planning and payment options. This way, you can avoid the stress and headaches that often occur while planning school trips. Plus, our customizable itineraries give you the freedom to build a tour around the locations that are relevant to the curriculum being taught. To learn more about all that Son Tours offers, click here.


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