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Student History Tours of England and the U.K.: Castles, Royalty, War, and More

The United Kingdom is brimming with history, from the era of the early Anglo-Saxons, through the Battle of Hastings, beyond the medieval era of castles and feudalism, to the horrors and victories of both World Wars, and so much more. Bring this history to life for your middle and high school students with educational tours of this majestic nation, where royalty still captures the attention of the world and mystery still hovers around famous sites.

London, Bath, Wales, and Beyond

On an educational trip in London, students can explore the vast history of human culture from all over the world in the British Museum, documents of great significance in the British Library, and British history in the Museum of London. Students can visit the many memorials and museums from the World War I and II eras, and key locales for the British government can also be seen.

In the City of Bath, students on English history tours can tour multiple eras and civilizations, as remnants of Roman, Palladian, and medieval architecture remain, allowing students to learn about the spread of Roman influence and the austerity of the medieval times.

In Wales, students can travel back to the Industrial Revolution of the United Kingdom. With quarries, public buildings, workers’ housing, railways, and more, this city is the Industrial Revolution preserved, giving your students a look at this momentous time in history from a perspective outside of the United States.

All around the country, students can explore castles, visit museums, and learn about the United Kingdom’s rich history. The National Museum of Scotland, various museums in each of the unique cities around the country, and more provide windows into the past for your students, all of which are just waiting to be explored on an exciting educational tour in England and the U.K.

Why Trust Son Tours to Help Plan Your Educational Tours in England and the U.K.?

So much history has occurred in the United Kingdom, and so much of that past is still there to explore. With such a vast array of sites available for exploration in the United Kingdom, you will have plenty of opportunities to walk your students through the ages.

At Son Tours, we want you to enjoy this opportunity as much as your students, which is why we take care of all of the details: booking, billing, accommodations, transportation, security, and more. This way, the experience is just as fun and exciting for you as it is for your students, and you don’t have to worry about the headaches that come with planning a transatlantic educational trip. To learn more about all that Son Tours offers when you book with us, click here.


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