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The United States offers a vast range of land, diverse cultures, large cities and small friendly towns with something for everyone. Attractions such as the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the monuments, memorials and museums of the country’s capital in Washington, DC give visitors the opportunity to experience the beauty, well-documented history and incredible opportunities that we have just a short drive from our homes and schools. Whether choosing to stay at a resort in Florida, a hotel in Philadelphia or a country inn in Gatlinburg, Son Tours will help you plan your next tour.

As a “Non-traveler”, I have found Son Tours to be the only way to take a school trip! So many of my students have benefited from the economical, yet educational service provided by Son Tours. You make everything so easy – from money collection to meals to [hotels] to security. You think of everything! I especially enjoy the personal service from the well-trained and eager staff.

Tia H., Educator, South Central Middle School


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