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Where to Go on a Student Tour of Boston

Boston is one of America’s oldest cities and is a perfect destination for middle and high schoolers. While Boston is a historic city, there are also attractions in the city that will appeal to students interested in the art and STEM fields as well. No matter your curriculum, there are enriching attractions in Boston that can help your students bring the classroom to life.

Art Museum of Fine Arts

The fifth largest museum in the United States, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston houses more than 450,000 pieces of art. Students will enjoy exhibitions with art from all over the world, both ancient and contemporary. Collections include everything from ancient Greek artifacts to works from Renaissance masters to American photography. The museum also offers grants to help schools with bus and admission costs, and some public schools are even eligible for free admission.


Boston is an old city, rich with history. As one of the most important cities during the Revolutionary War and during our nation’s founding, a trip to Boston can be incorporated into the curriculum of almost any American-studies class.

Freedom Trail

Boston’s Freedom Trail is a two and a half mile walking trail that winds through Boston. Official sites on the trail include the Massachusetts State House, the Benjamin Franklin Statue, the site of the Boston Massacre, the Paul Revere House, and the Bunker Hill Monument. Just steps off of the trail there are other sites for students to explore, like the USS Constitution.

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