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Son Tours provides customized, flexible Boston tours designed for your students and your curriculum. Our educational school trips bring students to a variety of well-known locations to offer them a new level of historical understanding. Numerous events leading up to the American Revolution took place in the capital of Massachusetts, and there are many literary, scientific, artistic, and architectural sites within one of the oldest cities in the United States. So, whatever class you’re teaching, Boston has what you need to be an exciting and educational tour destination for your students.

What You Get When You Plan Your Adventure with Our Travel Company

Son Tours’ licensed educational tour operators will guide your students from location to location, ensuring that they arrive at the next destination and to the next guide on-time and worry-free. What’s more, we only partner with local guides who have firsthand knowledge of the city you’re visiting – so you’ll get to experience the best places to visit in Boston! Click here to find out how we take care of all the details.

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