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French Immersion Programs for Students

French Immersion Programs: A Whole New Level to Language Learning

Learning a foreign language can feel like a faraway concept for many students. In the classroom, it’s all about people they don’t know and places they have never been to. Son Tours’ French immersion programs give student travel groups the chance to learn French in France, the home country of their studied language. With our immersion tours, students take language-based learning out of the classroom and use what they’ve learned in real-world situations, refining their skills as they listen to native speakers and use the language on a daily basis.

Son Tours’ Language Immersion in France: More Than Words Can Say

A foreign language class is about more than just the words spoken; it’s about learning the culture of those who speak the language, as well. Language immersion programs in France give students an opportunity to do just that. France is rich with culture and history, and it has been the stage for revolutions, wars, art movements, world-famous bike races, and so much more. Your students will be assigned a tour guide who is fluent in French and will take them to see exhibits, monuments, architectural wonders, restaurants, shops, and more to introduce them to French culture and history. As a result, an experience in French immersion will give students a whole new respect for the language and culture, bringing about a whole new level of engagement both in and out of the classroom.

Why Trust Son Tours for Your French Language Immersion Tours?

Planning and organizing a language immersion experience in France can be quite the undertaking. When you partner with Son Tours, we take care of all the details. We will assign your group a guide fluent in French who has first-hand knowledge of your chosen destinations and will escort your students from location to location. We’ll arrange for accommodations, private security, transportation, and billing, so you can focus on having a good, educational experience with your students. To learn more about all that we offer, click here.


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