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Affordable Paris, France Educational Tours

The city of Paris, France is known around the world for its fashion, history, and a variety of attractions in the realms of art and culture. In a city renowned for beautiful architecture and memorable works of art, including the famous Eiffel Tower and the renowned Musée de Louvre, our customizable educational tours will take you deep into the heart of Paris. Son Tours’ trained educational tour operators will guide your students through memorable attractions and sites to give them an unforgettable and immersive educational experience.

Why Son Tours for Your School Trip to Paris?

We understand that some parents may be apprehensive about sending their students overseas – even for a memorable, unique educational tour to Paris, France! For this reason, we create a worry-free experience from start to finish by providing in-school informational sessions, experienced guides, liability coverage, and much more! Learn why partnering with Son Tours can simplify the entire process.

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