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Out of the Textbooks and Into the World: European History Tours for Students

Bring history to life for your students with one of Son Tours’ amazing European history education tours. Whether your students are studying the United Kingdom, France, Italy, or Greece, we have a fantastic educational history tour opportunity to fit your needs. We can focus tours on Ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy, Medieval Britain, Revolutionary France, Ancient Greece, World Wars I & II, or any other era; we tailor our European history tours to fit your curriculum.

Why Book Your European History Student Tour with Son Tours?

Son Tours plans safe, affordable school trips to Europe that are hassle-free, led by experienced, licensed student tour operators, and are customizable to your curriculum. We take care of all of the details, including admissions, hotels, transportation, security, safety briefings, insurance, and so much more. Find out about all that you get when you book with Son Tours here.

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